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Feb. 2017 Newsletter
Posted On:
Thursday, January 26, 2017

Daisy Elementary School Newsletter

 Feb. 2017                                         

Principal: Samantha Walter

Assistant Principal: Danielle Reed                                                   


Daisy Elementary School Mission Statement


Daisy Elementary is a high-performing school  

Dedicated to the success of ALL learners.


                              UPCOMING EVENTS: FEBRUARY         

Feb. 2nd First Grade to Chattanooga Theatre Center

Feb. 2nd Third Grade to Tivoli/Chilis

Feb. 7th Second and Third Grade Program

Feb. 20th No School Presidents Day

Feb. 27th – March 3rd Dr Seuss Week:





                                      Dr. Seuss Schedule:

Mon. 27th – Crazy Sock

 Tues. 28th – Crazy Hat

Wed. 1st – Wacky/Tacky

Thurs. 2nd – Multi Color

 Fri. 3rd – Character Day



                                      Winter is upon us! Please make

                                         sure your child dresses for

                                       Cooler weather and brings a

                                           coat to school every day.

     **Don’t forget the hat and gloves!!**



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