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Work station info

Independent reading station  

Students will read for 15 minutes everyday in the independent wreaking station. After reading, they need to complete a daily reading log that is in their binder.  I will be checking binders and reading logs every 2 weeks.

Rules for work station  

1. Students are to complete in class. Cannot take home to complete.

2. Students need 20 vocab sheets completed every 9 weeks.

3. Students need a reading log completed everyday.

4. Students need at least 20 writing responses every nine weeks in binders.

5. Students write their spelling words every day after each sort in binder.

Vocabulary station  

This station is where students get a vocabulary word from the story we read and complete a sheet for the word.  They should include the word, definition,  use in a sentence, and a picture showing the word.  Every 4 weeks they should have at least 10 sheets completed.  Please make sure your child knows this.  vocab sheets cannot be done at home.  Only in class.

Word study station  

Each day students participate in a word sort. After every sort they need to write words in binder behind vocab tab.  This will be checked every 4 weeks.  Each day they should have them written down.  Every Tuesday students take a spelling test and get new words. Those new words should be in their agenda every Tuesday. They will have the new words cut out and in a bag for the entire week.

Writing work station  

This is the station where students write about their reading.   They have many choices they can do.

1. Five finger retell

2. Letter to me about how they like the book and why.

3. Character analysis of the main character.

4. Letter to me about the problem and events in the book.

5. A character web.